Who Are We?

Four Paws Ahead is a small experienced team providing pet sitting and dog walking in Reston, VA and surrounding areas.

As a small team of two brothers, we value your pets as family members and provide consistent personalized care and attention that a larger agency would not be able to do.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC (PSA).

  • Care and Attention

    We give your pet all the care and attention they deserve and need while you are away. Besides the basic necessities like food/water, treats, and bathroom or litter, we provide plenty of human attention, interaction, and medications as needed. And of course for dogs, plenty walking or running if your dog prefers! All visits will always be at least 20 minutes with your pet.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Whether your pets need one visit a week, four visits a day, or anything in between, we will have you covered. Our normal hours range 8am to 10pm and we can accommodate any schedule that is needed, within a 1-2 hour window of time.

  • Rates

    Our standard rate per visit is $18 for one pet and $22 for two or more pets. This rate is the same for dogs, cats, or other pets. This rate may be modified depending on distance, custom care required, infrequent/irregular visits, or other circumstances.

The Four Paws Ahead Team

Daniel Delos
Daniel Delos
Before founding Four Paws Ahead with Nicholas in August 2015, Daniel previously worked part time as a backup dog walker and pet sitter for Dodge’s Pet Pals for over 3 years until the owner, Deborah Dodge, retired. Before that, Daniel volunteered at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter as a dog handler from 2011-2012.
Nicholas Delos
Nicholas Delos
Nicholas is a cofounder of Four Paws Ahead and has been walking dogs and pet sitting since August 2015. Both Nicholas and Daniel grew up surrounded with many different types of pets. Besides dogs, Nicholas has experience caring for and handling birds, small rodents, reptiles and many other animals.

Get in touch

Contact Daniel though the form below or by e-mail, dan[AT]fourpawshead.com or phone, [seven-zero-three] 434-0831

We are located in Reston, Virginia near South Lakes Village Center. We also serve neighboring Herndon, Oakton, Fairfax, and Great Falls areas.